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"Scream Party"

screampartyLet us help you! Our experience and attention to detail will be an asset to your needs. We are resourceful in our business and consider you very important.

Packages and Deals!

Party Package #1

Moonwalk and One Machine


Cake MoonwalkParty Package #2

Moonwalk and Two Machines



Moonwalk and your choice of one (Small Tank, 1 table and 8 chairs, or 2 Kiddie Tables)


Party Package #3

Three Machines


SlipNslide MoonwalkParty Package #4

Moonwalk, one machine, 2 Tables and 16 chairs


elephant moonwalkM.T. Super

Moonwalk, Small Helium Tank, 1 Table with 8 chairs, and 2 Kiddie Tables


Dinosaur Moonwalk
Party Package #5

Moonwalk, 2 Tables with 16 chairs, and Canopy


Sports Arena MoonwalkThe Ultimate Scream!!!

Moonwalk, one machine, 2 Tables and 16 chairs, Canopy and Small Helium Tank


Call Early to ensure that the package you want is available for your Next Event!!!

All packages are for 4 hours, Monster truck: Add $20.00 per package

3 in 1: Add $100.00 per package

Slip'n Slide: Add $100.00 per package